This Week I... (June 27-July 3)

Hello wonderful people, I'm going to start a weekly blogging experiment called This Week I... in which I talk about what I've been doing and thinking about this week.  I'm starting this in order to get myself to blog more regularly and consistently.

Lesson learned:

This week I found that living in a house that has limited internet access (due to stupid Clear, which I do not recommend) has a huge silver lining: I am writing more songs, playing more guitar, and reading more!

If you haven't checked out my newest songs, you should.  I probably would not have recorded them and got them out there if I was stuck on my computer doing nothing.

Lots of books:

Due to the fact that I sold a bunch of my old college textbooks back to in exchange for gift card money, I've bought over 5 books in the last week, all for "free."  All of them have been non-fiction, mostly self-help books about entrepreneurship and living and working in new and different ways.

My favorite so far is Derek Siver's (founder of CD Baby) new book, Anything You Want.  Its full of advice and life lessons that Derek has learned from starting a little hobby for friends that became the largest distributor of independent music in the world.  I highly recommend.

Blues Fest:

I went to the Blues Fest in Portland on Friday and Saturday, had a wonderful time.  Actually, I should have looked at the schedule because I had no idea that people like Lucinda Williams and Steve Riley (cajun musician) were playing!  On Friday, Annie, some friends and I had a great time dancing to Chubby Carrier and his band, who won a grammy for best Zydeco album this year.  Then on Saturday Annie and I went to see Lucinda, but we had to watch through the fence because the fire marshal closed the gates.  It was that packed.

Connecting people:

I'm looking for someone who is into video making/editing.  Doesn't need to have the best equipment, just needs to be interested in making cool videos and have creative input.  Do you know someone like this or are you this person?  Let me know.

That's all for this week!

Love, Jonah