Jonah Luke

Jonah Luke and his band play uplifting folk/rock that warms the soul and brings out the sunshine. They are back with Within The Lines, a 5-song EP. The band’s sound has been honed since their last record in 2012, and the EP’s songs feature tight grooves, floating guitar riffs, and the signature harmonies of Jonah Luke and Annie Jo.

Back in 2012, Jonah and Annie performed as a duo around Portland, before deciding to head to Kickstarter to fund their first full length album. After a successful campaign that funded a producer (Peter Rodocker), studio musicians, and even a companion art book for the album, they spent the next few months creating a whole new sound. Along the way, Peter Rodocker and studio musician Ravi Gadad became members of the band, and the duo became a foursome. Fast forward a few years, and the band now performs as a 6 piece with drummer Anders Bergstrom and bassist Milo Fultz. The EP is the next evolution of their sound as a band.

The 5 songs on Within The Lines include a humorous ballad about guitar playing that harkens back to the duo’s stripped down sound, a soulful lead track, and a song with Annie on lead vocals. The heart of the music is an optimism and playfulness that can be felt in Jonah’s lyrics and the instrumentation alike.

Jonah Luke grew up playing drums in a cajun band, and quickly expanded his repertoire to trombone and guitar and songwriting for a few different rock bands. Annie Jo, on the other hand, grew up acting in musicals at her local community theater and singing at the dinner table, to the annoyance of her family. The two met in college and became fast music-making partners, performing in their school’s musical, Urinetown, and singing in a cappella groups.

Jonah self-recorded his EP I Don’t Need You to Know in 2011 and played as a duo with vocalist Anna Jo, honing their sound and style at local venues. In 2013 he teamed up with producer Peter Rodocker to make Finding a Way Home, an impactful release that features a full band, including a horn section and a Zydeco accordion to color Jonah’s uplifting lyrics. The result is a Paul Simon-esque rock groove that compels you to sing along and tap your feet.

Jonah is a lifelong musician and has appeared on 16 studio albums, including two with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine).

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