Hi, Brett

Dear Brett,

First off: Thanks for talking to my dad. I hope you have a good flight to Dublin...don't let my my dad bug you too much; he's a real talker. If you mention bike advocacy, cheese-making, or transportation planning in general you are doomed. However, you both probably share a profound love for Paul Simon's Graceland album, as do I.

I've been a fan for a while - been to 2 concerts of yours at the Crystal Ballroom here in Portland.

I'd love to open for you in Portland or anytime you are playing on the West coast. You'll find 2 of my songs below.

Also - I know you are playing with John Butler Trio for your European shows. I have a very interesting story to tell him regarding the 2012 Super Bowl if he has time.

Anyway, I hope you like the music regardless, and keep being awesome!

Jonah (jonah@jonahluke.com)