Graceland 25th Anniversary



This year is the 25th Anniversary of Paul Simon's Graceland album, probably my favorite album of all-time thus far in my life, and I heard for the first time when I was very young, probably before I could walk.

So what does someone who isn't yet 25 have to say about Paul's greatest work? Not too much, just a few thank-yous.

Thanks to Paul Simon of course, for making the record and collaborating with all the amazing musicians who made it happen.

Big thanks to my dad, and his generation, for falling in love with the album, and playing it on every car trip we took when I was a kid, and playing it most weekends at home. I remember he would always point out how amazing the bass player was.

My dad's generations found Graceland to be innovative, new, a music that hadn't really been presented to Americans paired with Paul's creative lyrics and song-crafting. My generation experienced it in a different way - not as something new and novel, but a music that was part of our bones, part of our upbringing.

What do I love about the album?

  • The rhythms - are incredible - enough said.
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo - is amazing.

What do you love about Graceland?