New Video! + I'm starting a podcast!

Happy April and Happy Spring!

Annie and I recently recorded this video of us covering Lyle Lovett's If I Had a Boat. We thought you might enjoy it. We are planning on doing more YouTube covers, so comment below and let me know what other songs you want us to do!

New Podcast

I'm excited to announce that I will be starting a new podcast, called The Myth of Fingerprints. I'll interview musicians and artists from around the world (via Skype) about their stories, and play some of their music. 

I'll be launching the podcast in May, so if you know anyone who you'd think would make a great guest, please email me or comment below with suggestions!

That's all for now. 


Happy New Year! + New Live Video

Happy New Year! + New Live Video

We kicked off 2015 with a fun Tiny Desk Contest video, check it out here. (More info on the video below)

So what have we got in store for you in 2015?

  • An EP in May!
  • Pacific Northwest Touring after May
  • Maybe another EP in October?
  • A Kick-Ass Music Video
  • More videos
  • Free Songs on the Internet!

What would you like to see me and the band do in 2015? 

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Sounds from Vietnam

Sounds from Vietnam

A collection of sounds and noises from Jonah and Annie's trip to Vietnam

This is a post of a different nature. I'm trying to write more often here on this blog than I have in the past, so although this is not about my music I hope you'll find it interesting nonetheless.

I went to Vietnam with Annie in March for 10 days. It was my first time in Asia. I began in Singapore for a week-long conference for work (I don't do music full time yet!), and then Annie met me in Singapore and we traveled to Northern Vietnam. 

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New Year album out now!

Hey wonderful people! Happy Happy Holidays!  Today I am at my grandma's celebrating Christmas, but Annie and I brought our menorah so we'll be celebrating the 6th night of Chanukah tonight.

We've rushed to put together a little album for you guys, and I'm happy to announce today that we have released it into the world!  Click here to download it and listen to The New Year 2012.

It features 3 originals and 1 cover - a newer song and three songs that I've meant to record for a long time.  I've released it as a pay-what-you-will, but please feel free to enter $0.00 when you download it, its my holiday present to you!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, and that 2012 will be a wonderful year for us all.


Jonah Luke