Its time to make an album.

Its been time to make an album for a while. I'm so excited to share this music with you - please check out my Kickstarter campaign to fund the album.

This album is a collection of new and old songs that I've written since my last EP in 2010.  They range from ballads and folk/rock tunes to cajun/zydeco influenced jams.  I've been playing a lot of these songs for a while by myself, and I can't wait to add a full band sound to them.

Frequently, I write songs about childhood, growing up, imagination, and hope, and you'll definitely find these themes throughout the album.  Overall though, I want this album to make you smile and tap your feet. There's a lot of sad songs out there about heartbreak and human tragedies, and frankly I don't need to add to the mix – I want to add the songs that you can listen to on your front porch on a cool summer evening.

I've got a great team of people, an awesome producer and some great studio musicians working with me on the album.  Please join me.