This Week I... (7/13/11)

Hello wonderful people,


This Week I made $120 busking (playing music on the street) at the Portland State University Farmer's Market in downtown Portland!  Good deal huh.  Annie and I played for about three hours, a mix of covers and my originals, it was sunny and warm, and there were lots of people out.  You should come by if you are in the area next Saturday (7/23).  We won't be there this Saturday because...

I am in Chicago!

Well, not yet.  I am currently typing this as I fly thousands of feet above our lovely planet.  But I'll be in Chicago for a week visiting the family and friends and generally hanging out.  If you are in Chicago you should drop me a line.

Best Coast.

This past weekend I went to the Oregon coast with Annie's mom and sisters.  If you've never been to the Oregon coast before, you're missing out.  There is something really nice about having the ocean within one hour's drive of Portland, and something relaxing about the big waves, the salty air, and the wilderness along the coast.  We spent most of our time relaxing and walking on the beach.

International Attention!

So the other week, an obscure podcast in Australia that talks about B Grade Movies (whatever that means) picked up my song Flown This Far and played it at the end of their episode.  Pretty cool right!?!?  Click here to hear to the episode (and scroll down to Special 007) -- its worth a listen just to hear how they pronounce "Jonah Luke" and "Flown This Far" in their Australian accents.

Well that's it for this week.  I assume I'm somewhere over Nevada or Utah right now, so bye from way up high!